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Diego, I'm from Chile, I'm 21. I study Literature :) Big fan of Sherlock, Johnlock lover, Martin Freeman, Gaga, Panic!, HP, Hunger Games, Shameless and a lot of stuffs!
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"When I looked at Annalise, that’s a fantasy role of mine. That’s the kind of role I want people to see me in."
Viola Davis and how she sees Annalise.

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How to Get Away with Murder - 1x04

"I just wanted to deal with her hair. It’s a big thing with African-American women, in a way that’s far more complicated than I can possibly tell you over the phone. You start when you’re just a young girl. Do you twist it? Do you leave it natural when it’s so hard to take care of? Then you start wearing wigs but every night before bed you’ve got to take the wig off and deal with your hair underneath. And it’s a part of Annalise that I needed the writers to deal with because I’ve never seen it, ever, on TV and I thought it would be very powerful. It’s part of her mask."

- Viola Davis (quote source)



i have never identified with another being more in my entire life than i do in this very moment.

how long will it take for someone to put this to lil b

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Sokka + Art

Requested by jadefyre

Yeah Sokka sucks at visual art but do yall remember the haiku battle? He’s a natural poet!

Either way it matters less that he sucks and more how enthusiastic he remains about it despite that. He just excitedly keeps making things regardless because it seems to make him happy.

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Reason why I no longer eat there.

At first I was thinking “but McDonald’s burger didn’t go bad”, but then my slow ass got the point.

But then what are we eating?

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being alone with your friends parents


The funny thing is you can’t tell who is who

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Pawel Kuczynski’s satirical art. Take a moment to look at these properly.

This guy is not even slightly in the area of fucking around

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